10 tips to help you get more from your new printer

top tips for looking after your new printer

So you’ve invested in a new printer; great news. You’ve unboxed it, plugged it in and run your first test print. Like when buying a new car, your printer will have come with an estimated output level per cartridge, so how do you make sure you’re running at optimum performance? With these handy hints and tricks, we can help you to get the most from your printer – hopefully saving you money in the long run!

Use original/branded consumables

Whilst compatible inks and toners seem tempting due to their low price point, these non-branded consumables can often cost you more in the long run. Many compatible replacements do not offer the same page yield as their branded counterparts, that means you’re never comparing like for like. Original consumables have also been specifically designed for your printer, which means optimal performance, lifetime and print quality.

brother ink cartridges

Use draft mode

For quick prints that you’re not likely to keep or hand out to customers, make sure to use draft mode. Printing with less ink and toner, this economy mode with make your cartridge last longer; meaning you’re less likely to run out of ink when you go to print those all important documents.

Ignore the low ink warning

The low ink warning light is there to remind you to buy new cartridges if you haven’t got any spare – don’t instantly replace your new cartridges when this warning pops up. Keep an eye on print quality and then when you see it starting to diminish – crack out the replacements.

NB: Some printers won’t let you print once the ink/toner has reduced to a certain level so you’ll need to replace them anyway.

Only print when necessary

This might seem obvious (especially since many of us have a reminder at the bottom of our emails), but there is still a surprisingly large number of people who still print documents, even when they don’t need too. To conserve ink and toner supplies, make sure everyone only prints when they really need to.

Proof before you print

Much like our previous point, make sure you’re ready to print before you hit that button. If it’s a letter or doc, get a colleague to proof-read it before you go any further.

proof read before you print

Change your font

A little known fact; changing your font can actually help to reduce the amount of ink and toner used when printing your documents. Simply switch from Arial to Calibri or Century Gothic to start saving today.

Set your paper type before printing

You printer will come with a number of pre-sets for different paper types, before you print make sure to select the right one as this will affect the amountof ink and toner used. For example; absorbent papers such as your day-to-day A4 will take more ink than photographic paper where the ink sits on top of the coating. Selecting the correct paper type will not only help save ink but also improve the quality of your prints.

Try black & white

If you’re printing in black & white from a colour printer, make sure to select b&w in the print properties before you go ahead and print. When in colour mode, your printer will mix together all those vibrant hues to achieve a jet black – why bother when you have a black ink cartridge? For better results and to save on ink, make sure to select the right print setting.

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