5 of the best logo design styles for 2016

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Creating a logo for your business can be as simple or as challenging as you want; whether you choose to design it yourself or outsource the research and development to a creative agency – the end result should be a good representation of your brand, your ethos and the image you want to project to your customers.

Aside from colour coordination – your logo’s size, style and font will all be integral to its success. Will your logo work across multiple channels such as the web or print? All of these factors need to be considered, so we’ve listed 5 of the most popular styles of logo in 2016 to help you figure out which design works for you.

Flat design

Simple, clean, flat designs are becoming increasingly popular within advertising. This style of logo is adaptable to all sorts of context and backgrounds, with clear visibility on various browsers and mobile devices for more impact in shorter time to customers. 


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Negative space 

Similar to the flat design, logos that use negative space are usually simple designs that load well on the web and can be printed without any complications. These types of logos use the “un-printed space” in their overall design element, creating a more eye-catching style for the customer to look into and a much simpler design to repeatedly print.  


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Simple and bold typography for a company logo will always be eye-catching; interesting font can then be used on different backgrounds, colours or arrangements and the customer will spend time deciphering what has been written until they notice the familiar brand name and corresponding information.  


Kinetic logo

A kinetic logo is a design that can change and adapt to it’s surrounding content or background. The Google logo as an example is known to change frequently but still read “Google” in some shape or form – these adaptive logos can be used to highlight different products and services within the one brand.



With eco-friendly businesses in the rise, more brands are turning to handmade style logos with a handwritten, charming personal style. These designs give a more personable approach with a humble, homely sense of customer focus. However, the design of the logo should always represent the businesses ethos, so be sure that the two marry together well. 



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