5 tips on how to keep your team happy & motivated

happy team

With growing teams and more diverse work environments, companies are having to do even more to motivate their employees and create a harmonious workplace; listening to music or buying coffee in the morning won’t appeal to everyone – so the team at Printernet found some great hints and tips on psychology, habits and office design to help keep your workforce motivated and happy the full 5 working days of the week.

1) Hire happy people

The employees that make up your team will have a drastic effect on the mood and dynamic of the office; this is where the recruitment process comes in. If you are looking to create a vibrant, happy workplace then you need to hire vibrant, happy people.

Happy people not only bring a sense of joy to an environment, they’ll be able to bring out the best of the more timid or negative characters. Use the interview process to get to the root of a candidates personality; asking the right questions will help you establish how they like to work and interact with other people.

happy team

2) Don’t micromanage

Employees are able to perform better when they feel in control of their workload, if a Manager is watching their every move or micromanaging every task, then they can soon become disengaged and demotivated. Try taking a step back for the benefit of your staff, praising your employees and allowing them to feel competent has been proven to improve moral and productivity.

3) How hot is it?

Room temperature can have a drastic effect on the efficiency of your employees, being too hot or too cold causes a lot of discomfort and spending time regulating the temperature will take away valuable working hours. Create the optimum heat for your workplace by using the government’s health and safety information. 

4) Stay team-focused

No matter the size of the company,  the workforce need to feel appreciated and valued throughout all the ranks of management. Ensure that Managers engage with all levels of employee in their team, everyone from the juniors upward will feel acknowledged and therefore work harder as a result of feeling respected by their peers.

5) Mix up the status quo

Money and targets are all important to company success, however they can only be fully achieved with a motivated workforce. Breaking up the routine and exciting your employees will refresh their enthusiasm and create a more stimulating environment. Organise a team day out, company rewards or an early-finish-Friday; doing something like this every so often might help boost not only your sales, but your team moral and appreciation for management.


happy team




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