Bring learning to life with a 3D printer in school

The use of 3D printers is gathering pace and here at Printernet, we’re looking to promote the use of the advanced technology in schools

Advancing technologies mean that 3D printing is growing quickly. And while historically they’ve been restricted to use in the manufacturing world, such is their rapid growth that they’re now being introduced to a more mainstream audience, including the high street and, more recently, the classroom.


The government is attempting to help fund schools with a £500,000 investment so that they can not only buy 3D printing technology, they can train teachers to use the technology effectively enough to help students operate it in the workplace when they go on to gain future employment.

It is believed the move will improve standards in hi-tech subjects, particularly science, technology, engineering, maths and design and technology.

In 2012-13, 21 schools around the country took part in a project to explore innovative ways of using 3D printing technology to help teach complex scientific and mathematical ideas.

A common belief was that the equipment could help pupils prepare for the workplace thanks to more project-based work. According to one report published by the Department of Education in October last year, many pupils were inspired by the capabilities of 3D printing, while teachers reported that the use of the printers helped promote thinking, reasoning and understanding of subjects such as maths and physics.


Between them, the report continued, schools reported a number of positive effects from the pilot scheme. More students engaged with their teachers and enjoyed using the technology. Some schools reported that pupils generally became more interested in some subjects being taught. Other schools even reported that pupils with poor concentration saw more tangible results, while pupils enjoyed being able to explore more complex designs and ideas.

Printernet strongly supports the benefits 3D printers can have in schools, which is why we stock a number of 3D solutions. From the 3D Systems Cube X Duo 3D Printer, available for just under £2000 and which boasts 18 colours to choose from, red and white cartridges and 25 free professional grade models, to the 3D Systems Cube X Trio 3D Printer, £2624, which has more print colour combinations and is so easy to operate it can be used straight out of the box, we have solutions to suit every need.


We provide expert advice around our products and in particular how they can be used and integrated into schools. Customers can call us on 01344 354944 to see how the technology we sell can benefit their pupils.

Remember, 3D printing is the future of printing, both in schools, on the high street and in general manufacturing. By helping the next generation implement the technology into their everyday lives, we feel we can assist the education of future generations.

Call one of our team today and find out how we can help your school step into the future.


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