Brother A3 Printers: Bigger printer, better business

Brother A3 Printers: bigger printer, better business

Unlike smartphones, with business printers bigger is often better. After all, bigger motors mean more power, and that means faster printing. Where efficiency and productivity are the aims we recommend a bigger printer every time, which is why we’re a huge fan of A3 printers. Even if you find your office dominated by A4 demands, you might be surprised by the benefits an A3 business printer can offer, and none more so than a Brother A3 printer.

Anyone can benefit from an A3 printer

Whether you’re working out of a small home office or running a company of hundreds, any office space can benefit from an A3 business printer. Even if A4 makes up most of your print jobs, you may be underestimating how much A3 printing you would do if the option was available. Even if A4 continues to be your dominant print size, A3 printers can lend some surprising benefits to your everyday A4 printing.

If you haven’t considered A3 as an option for your business before then here are the two major A3 business printing needs. After re-evaluating your current business printing requirements, you might be surprised to find you fall into one of these categories.

There are many business benefits of A3 printers

Occasional A3 printing

If your A3 print jobs are few and far between then you’ll want a printer that is still A4 focused but offers that additional A3 capability. The best thing about these printers is they often offer A3 printing within a smaller A4 printer footprint, so they’re perfect for home offices or smaller office spaces that still want the versatility and productivity of a more powerful machine. Print the occasional poster, report or sales pitch, or blow up your spreadsheets and plans for more clarity.

Everyday A3 printing

If you haven’t considered A3 printing for your business before you might be quick to identify yourself as an occasional A3 printer if at all. Many businesses don’t see themselves as potential everyday A3 printers simply because they don’t currently have the capability, so people work around it. In fact, most businesses can benefit from bigger and better reports, sales pitches and in-house marketing materials, and many of these can and will be used every day with the right capabilities in place.

Of course, some businesses undoubtedly need a dedicated A3 printer to handle their everyday printing needs. Any business with creative departments such as architectural firms or design and digital agencies will find they regularly need to print floor plans, design mock-ups and in-house marketing materials.

A3 business printers can be used to create and print marketing materials in-house to save both time and money

The business benefits of A3 printers

If you’re still not entirely convinced or you’re unsure whether you need an occasional or a dedicated A3 printer, then look at these business-specific benefits that an A3 printer can offer. Brother has designed a range of both dedicated and A3 capable printers that have taken the benefits of A3 business printing to the next level, giving you even more value for money.

No nasty surprises, just versatility

Every business can benefit from more versatility, and that’s what A3 printers specialise in. Even an A4 printer with A3 capability can give your business that extra flexibility they need to achieve any assignment and print job so there are no surprises or ‘if only it was in A3’ sighs. You’re not just limited to A3 poster type documents either. A3 capability means you can more easily produce booklets and flyers in a range of sizes for the ultimate in versatility.

If you still think there’s no need for A3, take another look. Ever stuck two pieces of A4 together to print a spreadsheet? Ever felt the struggle of shrinking down your report or sales pitch to fit A4? When people get used to working around A4 problems, they often stop noticing that they have A4 problems at all.

If you’re looking for the compact convenience of an A4 printer but like the idea of supersizing your prints when it really matters, then the Brother MFC-J5330DW A4 and A3 capable all-in-one inkjet is the perfect solution. It offers A3 printing with A4 all-in-one functionality and one of the smallest footprints of other comparable printers, ideal for home offices and small workspaces.

Buy The Brother MFC-J5330DW printer for A3 printing capability in a compact A4 size printer

In-house efficiencies

Moving production of marketing materials in-house is the other main benefit touted by A3 printer fans, but why should you bother about in-house marketing materials? The fact is producing and printing posters, booklets, pamphlets and much more in-house will save the time and money involved with using third parties. Instead of sending changes and amendments back and forth, plus suffering the costly consequences of reprints, a dedicated A3 printer can handle all your planned and last-minute marketing needs.

Whether you’ll be looking at one poster a week or a few flyers every day, cutting out the middleman can save on costs and time, the two key concerns of every business today. Not only can the MFC-J6530DW A3 all-in-one printer do this, but it also benefits from Brother high yield ink cartridges and features an affordable up-front price that most comparable printers just can’t beat.

Buy the MFC-J6530DW for high quality prints to print in-house business marketing materials

Win customers with quality

One of the lesser known but just as, if not more, important business benefits of A3 printing is its ability to potentially win over customers, suppliers and partners. Research has shown that sales pitches that are produced in A3 could increase the chances of making a sale by as much as a fifth. Images are also 66% more memorable on A3 compared to smaller sizes and people even find products or services 43% more likeable and 30% better value for money when viewing them in A3.

Of course, for real customer winning quality you’ll need a dedicated A3 printer to produce superior quality colour and resolution designed specifically for larger A3 prints. Most A3 printers offer superior resolutions compared to A4 models, but the Brother MFC-J6935DW delivers exceptional 4,800 x 1,200dpi prints offering sharp black text and vivid colour prints with new pigment based inks.

Buy The Brother MFC-J6935DW and you could win customers, suppliers and partners with better quality A3 reports and presentations

Business productivity

Also little known is the ability of an A3 capable printer to speed through A4 and smaller prints much quicker. Even the smaller A4 footprint machines usually contain more powerful engines designed to deliver the larger A3 prints, which subsequently means they can also power through A4 documents in half the time of other A4 only printers. Typically, they’ll also be able to handle bigger workloads, and what business doesn’t want better productivity?

For an occasional A3 printer the Brother MFC-J5730DW certainly packs in the power to its smaller A4 footprint. This fast machine can speed through mono prints at 35 pages per minute, and colour at 27ppm. Combined with automatic double-sided print, copy and scan, business spaces from the home office to large workspaces can experience advanced productivity.

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Want to know more about how an A3 printer could benefit your business or why a Brother business printer could see you save money on superior value? Contact one of our team today or explore our full range of Brother printers. As an official Brother partner, we offer some of the best prices around.

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