Brother SOHO Printers: Choosing the perfect home or small office printer

Out of all the reasons for buying a printer, buying one for your small or home office can present the most challenges. These printers often need to blur the lines of home and office printing, providing the speed and capacity of a business printer with the budget and versatility of home printing. Finding the perfect device that can provide all this and more isn’t easy. Fortunately, as experts in printing and office printing in particular, Brother had the expertise to take on this challenge. Their range of SOHO printers is aimed at all types of home office and small office printing needs including compact designs, superior efficiency and affordable prices.

The right Brother SOHO printer for you

Just like any printer, the perfect SOHO printer is dependent on what you want to print and how much. Brother has designed their range with this in mind, so selecting the right Brother SOHO might still take a bit of guidance. Fortunately, we’ve had plenty of experience with all types of small office and home office printing solutions, so we know what you need to consider and what to look out for.

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Printing technology

Unlike big business printers that are usually always laser for maximum efficiency, small and home office printers aren’t so clear cut. Depending on what you want to print an inkjet printer could be perfect for your home office or even your small business, plus the Brother range even features innovative LED technology. Here’s a quick guide to choosing the right one for you.

If your printer is going to be working hard every day for your business needs, then a laser is probably still the way to go. They have print speeds that simply can’t compare to most inkjets and excel at crisp and clear text. We would always recommend a laser printer if you’ll need to be working fast, meeting tight deadlines and predominantly printing reports and other text documents. They also tend to have a lower cost per page in the long run, so if you need high capacity printing then a laser could help you keep your long term costs down.

With some of the cheapest upfront costs around, inkjets are usually the first choice for those on a budget. This isn’t the only reason to choose an inkjet for your home or small office though. Inkjets can also provide stunning colour and superior photo quality. This means if your business needs to print marketing materials in-house or if your printing is mostly for the home office and needs to meet all your households demands as well, such printing the kids homework projects, then an inkjet printer could be perfect for you.

If you need the power and efficiency of a laser printer but want even more economical and reliable printing, then an LED could be the answer. They are similar to laser technology but use even fewer parts and are cheaper to manufacture. This means they can have more affordable upfront costs like inkjets but are also reliable and less prone to breakages. This makes them ideal for home offices that might be looking to expand in the future into their own small office and don’t want the hassle of replacing their printer when the times comes.


If you need maximum versatility, then you’ll want an all in one printer. For home office and small office needs, it’s often vital that you can meet almost any demand without exceeding your budget. Multifunction printers that offer print, scan and copy capabilities all within the price of one printer are always the best option for SOHO needs. Scan functionality is perfect for digitising and archiving documents while a copy feature is perfect for both home and office use. The Brother SOHO range features a wide range of all in one printers as well as stand-alone printers that can handle all your printing needs at an even lower price.

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Colour and resolution

You next need to decide if you need a colour or mono printer. If you’ll be printing any reports that need coloured graphs or images or want a printer that can keep up with your home demands such as kids homework or even family photos, then you’ll need colour all the way.

If your SOHO printer is leaning more towards small office needs, then you might benefit more from a mono printer. With a mono printer, you can print text documents and reports much more rapidly than a colour printer, perfect for high capacity printing, lengthy documents and fast-paced office environments.

Resolution should follow similar rules. Higher resolutions are perfect for homes or offices looking to print more images, while lower resolutions are fine for more text-heavy needs.

Brother printers make for the perfect SMB printers


One of the challenges with a small or home office printer is connectivity. As they often need to meet the needs of home and office, they often need to be extremely versatile when it comes to connectivity. Being able to connect your printer to your laptop by USB at home, integrate into your network at the office or even between the two with wireless and mobile printing can be a huge help. With this in mind, the Brother SOHO range features printers offering all of these connectivity options, often together. Here’s what we recommend each connection option for.

If you’re using your printer mostlyat the office then you’ll need network connectivity. Brother offers a range of printers that focus on network use although many offer USB connectivity as well.

A simple USB connection is a great way to print quickly straight from your laptop or computer device and you can save money by opting for a printer with just USB or USB and network or wireless capability.

This is great if you want your printer to be easily used by the enitre family from your home office. Opt for simple wireless and USB connectivity, or go for versatility with network and cloud capabilities.

Mobile & Cloud
Print and share to your mobile or other cloud applications including your Google drive for seamless interaction between your home and office. This is great for busy households as well.

Speed and capacity

Speed + capacity = efficiency. If you’re looking for maximum efficiency, you’ll want to look out for faster print speeds, higher capacities and other efficiency boosting features. Of course, if you’re leaning more towards a home office printer, then you could save on some of these and save yourself some money at the same time. Fortunately, the Brother SOHO range features a variety of printers to meet these requirements and everything in between.


With speeds from 18ppm to 50ppm there’s plenty of options for even the speediest office spaces. You can also look out for fast first page out times for printers that warm up quickly and are ready to print as soon as you are. Additionally, duplex printing and scanning is perfect for people looking to print multiple pages and large reports of a regular basis.


A paper tray with a high capacity is essential if you’re going to be printing high volumes every day, and if you’re looking for a printer that can handle increased business demands over time then additional paper tray options could also come in handy. With some in the Brother SOHO range offering up to 570 sheet input plus additional paper trays available, there’s something for even the most demanding office space.

Brother’s high yield cartridges are also a good option for home or small offices. Whether it’s your busy home schedule or fast-paced office environment, high yield cartridges mean changing your ink or toner less often to keep you working harder for longer.

What else you can expect from the Brother SOHO range

Sleek and compact designs
Perfect for fitting on the shelf in your home office or in small offices spaces.

Trusted Brother reliability for long lasting printers, so you won’t have to replace it any time soon.

Inkjet or laser, all the SOHO printers offer great value for money plus economical cost per page.

Want to know more about Brother SOHO printers? Shop the full range here or contact our team today to find the perfect printer for your home or small office.

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