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Label printers are used across all industries, whether you work in a warehouse or office block – the need for organisation and clarity with products and documents will always be there, especially at Christmas! For retailers and factory workers, a label printer will be an essential item over the festive period, so we’ve listed 4 of our best label machines and how they can help you and your business. 

First – ask yourself the following questions;

a) What do you need the labels for? 

Just like your inkjet or laser printer, label printers have different resolutions and print features. For example, bar codes and technical labels for moving Christmas stock will need to be very clear and well finished, but address labels for Christmas cards or file names for the stock room could be produced smaller, in colour, or with lower resolution. 

b)  How big do the labels need to be?

Most of our label printers can print up to 1 metre, however there are limitations on the width. Consider how big your Christmas label needs to be – as you would expect, the hand held printers are best for tape-like results and wider labels for offices and Christmas cards may require a larger desktop printer. 

c) Do you need print colour or mono labels?

Whether you need colourful Christmas present tags or festive organisation, you may be looking at colour or mono label printers. However, colour label printers can be very expensive; have a look at purchasing some coloured tape instead, some even come with clear laminate tape and coloured text for a fast and affordable result. 

Christmas label printers from Printernet

For the home label printer – QL-710W

£113.31 inc vat

QL710W Wireless Desktop Label Pritner

Print everything from Christmas food labels and address labels for Christmas cards. This device has wireless label printing, producing consistently stunning labels from anywhere you need.  

  • Print die-cut labels and signage via PC
  • Wireless network ready + print from your Android or Apple mobile device with the free iPrint&Label app
  • Up to 62mm print width (DK labels) and 59mm print height
  • Prints up to 93 standard address labels per min / 150mm per second
  • Up to 300dpi print resolution
  • Built-in automatic tape cutter

Specialist label printer – PT-E100VP

£49.76 inc vat

PTE100VP Electricians Label Printer

For use in fast paced commercial environment, your warehouse and inventory system will stand strong this Christmas. With up to 168 built-in symbols and an LCD graphical screen with built-in cutter, this professional printer will be your right hand helper.  

  • Prints hard-wearing labels up to 12mm wide
  • Up to 20mm per second print speed + 2 lines of print
  • ABC style keyboard + 15 character, 1-line LCD screen
  • Time and date printing function, 168 electrical and audio/visual specific symbols
  • Comes with carry case + requires 6 x AAA batteries
  • Perfect for printing durable labels where safety is paramount
  • Easy to read 16 character, 1 line LCD screen
  • Up to 9mm large print size
  • Practical non-slip rubber hand grip

For the office – PT-D600VP

£85.78 inc vat

PT-D600VP Office Label Printer

Keep your workspace clear and filing system tidy this busy Christmas period. This device is compact and sleek, easy to use and can produce larger Christmas Party notices and address labels on demand. 

  • Prints up to 30mm per second
  • Holds up to 99 user-created label designs
  • Full-colour screen
  • Tape colour detection technology
  • One-touch key input
  • Print up to 7 lines of text on highly durable, laminated labels

Indusrial use label printer – PT-9700PC

£253.61 inc vat

PT9700PC Industrial Label Printer

For use in the office or factory, this device has versatile features being able to print bar codes, serial numbers and industry symbols. With fast, simple and clear results your Christmas operation will be organised and successful.

  • PC Connectable only
  • Prints up to 36mm wide tapes
  • Up to 80mm/sec (HG tape) and 20mm/sec (TZe tape)
  • Up to 360dpi print resolution
  • Up to 27mm print height
  • Built-in automatic tape cutter


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