Choosing the right paper finish for your home printing

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We spend a lot of our time researching which camera or printer to buy; those that enjoy photography or graphic design will always put a lot of effort into their creations – so we should always make sure that our photo printers are prepared with the right paper.

There is an overwhelming variety of paper and photo papers on the market and they are all different.  The truth is, while it may seem like nothing more than flattened wood pulp; there is a lot of technology that goes into making paper and there will be different uses for all of them.  

One of the main aspects to consider when choosing paper to print at home with, will be the finish. We have listed the 4 main finishes you can chose when printing at home and what details to look out for;


Canvas paper will deliver a matte-like contrast and colour, so you will not need to frame it with glass; the colours will remain much more vibrant when viewed from a distance. Canvas paper does have a rather rough texture, so be aware of the aesthetics you are looking to achieve. 

canvas paper

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Gloss and Semigloss 

Many Photographers use glossy paper for their photo prints so they come out sharper and with richer colours. However, the gloss can create reflections and shine that can actually obscure the image – if you’re planning to frame a print, gloss paper is not a good choice due to the glare coming from both the glass and the paper. 


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Art Paper 

Art Paper is essentially a thick, textured material like water colour paper. These papers offer varying degrees of contrast and colour giving a more ‘painterly’ effect and absorb the inks enough to dry. They typically come in a more beige or yellow colour so keep this in mind when creating your image. 

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Matte paper can be used for all sorts of prints as it will deliver darker blacks than gloss paper, which means better contrast. Quality matte paper will often hold finer detail than a glossy paper, which can be important for detailed or textured images. You would also be able to frame your print without fear of glare so we would recommend this finish for your graphic design prints. 

matte paper

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