Christmas crafts with label printers

Christmas crafts with label printers

It’s that time of year again… while the day itself is about spending time with family, the run-up to Christmas is often about finding the perfect gift and trying to get that mountain of wrapping out of the way. We all want to make Christmas special for our loved ones but trying to find a unique and personal present can be a challenge and getting everything wrapped up isn’t easy either. Luckily, this year we’ve found a secret Christmas weapon. While it can’t help you deal with the in-laws over the Christmas period or ensure the turkey doesn’t dry out, it is a bit of a Christmas miracle. We are of course talking about label printers!

Get crafty for Christmas

Buying handmade and personalised presents are all the rage at the moment but they don’t always come cheap. It also requires being a bit more organised than usual with longer lead times and delivery dates, something that is especially challenging at this time of year. Then there’s the prospect of making gifts yourself. From coming up with ideas to the execution, creating your own presents can be time-consuming and is often too daunting for those of us who don’t usually get very creative.

That’s where label printers come in! Today, you’ll find a range of label printers that are designed specifically for craft projects and are easy to use with fonts, frames, emojis and much more included for free with the software. Printing labels can be incredibly quick and easy, perfect for making handcrafted presents as well as other Christmas projects that will wow family and friends. Take a look at some of the Christmas craft ideas below.

Christmas table designs

Create unique name place settings and other creative table decorations for Christmas dinner. This is great if you’re having all the family or other guests around.

Personalsed Christmas cards

You can use labels to create unique and personalised cards that are great for close friends and family or even has a personalised touch for Christmas cards you hand out at work.

Label jars and homemade food

Christmas is all about the food! If you like lots of homemade food then why not store and label them with some special Christmas labels. They make great gifts for dinner guests.

Unique personalised gifts and presents

Create labels with friends and family names to personalise presents or even create your own homemade gifts. Labels are great for creating unique photo collages and albums that make for sentimental and completely personal presents at Christmas.

Unique wrapping

Label printers can help you print completely unique and personalised labels for the finishing touch to your wrapping. You can create a design and colour scheme to perfectly coordinate with your wrapping paper plus friends and family will love the unique and personal touch.

Organise paperwork for the New Year

While it’s not as exciting as creating great gifts, label printers are also perfect for helping you get organised. This could be to clear some space before everyone comes over for Christmas or just getting things organised so you can start the New Year off on the right foot.

Source: Brother

What to look out for in a craft label printer

There’s a whole range of features now available so it’s good to know what’s on offer and what you’ll likely need to make great gifts or creative Christmas projects. If you want to get things all wrapped up this Christmas with a craft label printer then here’s what you should look out for. 

Great design software

Craft label printers should come with their own free design software. Take a look at what this includes. Today, you should be able to find label prints that can offer thousands of symbols, emojis, fonts and frames so that you can easily design and create great-looking labels without needing to have your own software. This is also perfect for people that don’t normally craft as these presets can provide the inspiration you need to come up with some unique gift and label ideas.

A choice of quality tapes

When it comes to label printing it’s really all about the tape. Make sure you look at what type of tape is on offer by the brand and what is compatible with your label printer. Good craft labellers will have a huge choice of tapes including glitter and metallic varieties that are perfect for Christmas themed labels. They should also be of high quality and highly durable. Waterproof and other highly resistant labels are essential if you want to label food or create long-lasting personalised gifts. Some label printers can even print on ribbon so you can create personalised ribbons for your wrapping!

Print quality

Label printers will usually be thermal transfer as they use lower heat settings and can handle a wider range of label types and adhesive options. Today, however, emerging technology is changing the way we print labels. The Brother VC-500W label printer uses special ZINK technology that enables it to print full-colour labels! This means unlimited design and creative capabilities, a must-have if you’re getting serious about crafts for Christmas. Additionally, look out for high print resolutions to make sure you are getting a good quality print.

Label sizes

Each label printer will also have a maximum width it prints and tapes will come in a range of lengths on their roll. For crafting, a larger width is important so that you can have more flexibility with the types of labels and crafts you make. You should also look at for continuous roll tapes as they can print much longer labels up to 1m in length for signs and much more. When it comes to getting creative, versatility is key.


Today, label printers can offer a range of connectivity and domestic label printers like ones designed specifically for arts and crafts tend to offer a versatile range of connectivity options suitable for the home. As well as USB connectivity so that you can connect to your computer to print from your own designs when needed, wireless connectivity is vital. This gives you the freedom to print seamlessly from around your home, plus iOS and Android connectivity will enable you to design labels using the printers software on your mobile and tablet and print straight from your device.

Other ease-of-use features

A full cutter built-in to your label printer can make life much easier when printing multiple labels and need to save time. While it’s not vital that a craft printer is especially speedy, you can keep an eye out for good print times if you’re in a rush this Christmas! Additionally, a longer-lasting battery will mean you can have your label printer with you anywhere in the home and can print for hours before you need to charge it again.

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