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3D Printing Goes Mainstream

3D Printed Items

In our previous post on 3D printing we highlighted some of the most interesting and advanced projects from around the globe. 3 weeks later we have seen the technology advance even further. Whilst a number of these projects are still in their infancy, these companies are upping the ante and revolutionising the industry.…

The Great Printer Debate: Inkjet vs. Laser

In their most simple form, printers have existed since the late 1800’s. Invented by William Thomson in 1858 and patented in 1867, the Siphon Recorder was used for automatic recordings of telegraph messages.

Skip forward 100 years to 1951 and the first practical inkjet printing device was patented by Elmqvist at Siemens.…

How To Print The Best Quality Photos

Printer and Camera

Fancy yourself as the next David Bailey? If you are heading off on your summer holiday, you are more than likely to take a photo or two whilst sunning yourself on the beach. Whether it’s on your mobile phone, tablet or digital camera, it is now easier than ever to take pictures; but how do you get top quality prints?…