Find a photo printer to fall in love with!

The saying goes that a picture can paint a thousand words and with Printernet’s range of photo printers you’ll be able to create the perfect gift… just in time for Valentine’s Day.

It is now easier than ever to take pictures. Whether it’s with your mobile phone or another device, from tablets to digital cameras, you can now take a photo wherever you are in the world and share it via social media within seconds.

Yet while the digital space continues to make it easier to share your images, there will be always be a place for the printed product. And with Valentine’s Day around the corner, now is the perfect time to print off your efforts and create a card or gift for that special someone in your life.


Printernet boasts a range of photo printers that make it easy to produce quality prints. What’s more, our website makes it easy to compare models, meaning it’s easier than ever to find what you need to meet your specific requirements.

The Canon brand, for example, has been synonymous with photography for decades, which is why it’s no surprise to find a wide range of their printers among our range. We boast Canon models to suit all budgets, culminating with the MG7150 A4 all in one. Designed specifically for printing high-quality photos, this popular seller boasts excellent resolution and can print up to 9600 x 2400 dpi). The quality is extremely high, which means your prints can be used in frame for the perfect gift. It also comes with the facility to scan and copy.

The Canon Pixma IP7250 boasts the same resolution but weighs in at less than half the price (less than £50), a result of not being able to scan or copy your documents like the MG7150. However, if you’re simply looking to print your photos, this represents excellent value. Again, designed specifically for printing, you can even make use of a direct disc facility (it prints images onto cds), which makes it easier than ever for adding a professional touch to a Valentine’s Day mix cd. And if love isn’t in the air, you can even use the facility for professional use!


The key when searching for any photo printer is to look out for those that offer higher print resolutions. This means that the quality of the image is higher and less pixelated. Keep an eye out for print speeds, though. Some models can take minutes to print items, others less than a minute. Also, if you are using your phone, tablet or digital camera, you may want to print directly from your device, in which case a printer with wi-fi capabilities, PictBridge connection and apps will give you greater flexibility when it comes to access.

Those with bigger budgets may also want to consider an all-in-one that allows you to scan negatives and slides.

Lastly, consider what paper you’d like to use and the amount of photos you’re likely to print. If you want a good finish on your prints you’ll need paper with a glossier finish, while if you’re planning on printing a lot of photos you’ll need to consider ink costs. It goes without saying that we can help you try and keep the costs down by offering multiple cartridges.

So, when it comes to printing off your photos, whether it’s for a gift or for pictures to be used around the house, Printernet offers a range of products for all budgets. From printing images on the go at speed to high-quality products for gift use, you can use our easy comparison bullet points to find what you need quickly.

And while we might not sell 3D printers just yet, why not find out how the Japanese are declaring their undying love for each other this Valentine’s Day!…

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