Finding the Best Label Printer for eBay

Finding the Best Label Printer for eBay

Are you starting your own business on eBay? Or maybe you’ve already been selling for a while and you’re looking to grow your current eBay business. Whatever the case, there’s a good chance you’ll need to invest in a decent label printer to help with your packing and shipping needs.

Why you need a label printer

If you’re just starting out or you’ve been neglecting the efficiencies of your current eBay set-up then you might be wondering why you need a dedicated label printer for shipping. After all, your printer works just fine, and a new label printer just means more money going out.

The truth is, while you might be looking splashing out a little, to begin with, a good label printer will more than make up for it in the long run. Not only will you save on ink and toner costs over time, but your business set-up will benefit too.

More efficient

Using a label printer is much quicker and more efficient than any printer set-up you might have. Unlike your all-in-one printer, a label printer is made to do one thing and do it well. This means they come equipped with features designed to make label printing easier, quicker and better.

A label printer designed with an industry or type of label in mind, like shipping and mailing label printers, are even better. They have everything you need to create the right label for the task and can achieve double the productivity in half the time. This means labels that are the right size, pre-cut and ready to stick.

A label printer will help you run your ebay business more efficiently

Better looking

Good looks aren’t everything, but they certainly help, especially when it comes to business. Label printers deliver much more professional looking results, ideal for eBay stores looking to stand out from competition and make a good impression on customers. A professional look is essential for reassuring customers and encouraging them to choose you again in the future.

Better quality

The right label printer and labels will give you hard-wearing and long-lasting results. For shipping and mailing where packages may take a tumble or two on their journey or even left outside, a durable label can be really important. Dedicated label printers are equipped to print labels that are weatherproof and highly durable, ensuring addresses and shipping information stays in one piece so your parcels stay on track.


More organised

In any business organisation is key but as an independent retailer managing your own eBay business you’ll find that working out of your home and growing a small business can easily spiral into chaos. It’s during these times that a label printer really comes into its own.

There’s less chance of mixing up labels and having to print them off and then sort them out later. Bulk printing your labels to stick on later in the day is a recipe for disaster; labels can easily be mixed up, a nightmare when you have multiple orders going out on the same day. With a label printer, you can prepare each package then and there, letting you organise your shipping around your other business needs.

An label printer will you get your ebay business more organised

What to look for in a label printer for shipping


No one likes spending a lot of money, and when you’re running a business you need to keep an eye on costs and your bottom line. While you may be reluctant to splash out, you will only get what you pay for. Be realistic about your eBay demands and your business needs to avoid overpaying for a fancy label printer or skimping on one that’s not up to the job.


Make sure the label printer has been designed with shipping and mailing in mind. It may be able to print a range of label types, such as name badges, but ensure that it specifically handles shipping and mailing.

Thermal type

The main choice between label printers is thermal transfer and direct thermal. For shipping, you’ll probably want a thermal transfer printer, especially if you’re currently growing your eBay business and looking to step it up. Using ink ribbons made from wax, resin or a mixture or both, thermal transfer printers use lower heat settings and can handle a wider range of label types and adhesive options. You’ll need to check the ribbon recommendations on your labels to check their suitability for your printer, but they make up for it with better quality and durability.


A label printer with decent speed and all-round capability will be a sizeable desktop version, but you’ll still probably want to opt for something as compact as possible for your home office or small eBay set-up.


Think about the size and type of labels you’ll need. Wider format printers will handle a wider range of label sizes, so look at the size of your products and the biggest size of the boxes or packages you ship to figure out what the maximum size label is you need. Also look at the range of label types offered by the company, including weatherproof and glossy varieties depending on your requirements and preferences.

The best label printer for ebay businesses will be fast and versatile


You can get a range of connectivity options including Ethernet and USB. The typical eBay business set-up will probably want a basic USB connection with both PC and MAC compatibility. For today’s modern businesses, WiFi connectivity can be equally handy especially in a smaller business environment. Also look out for Windows 10 compatibility if you need it, as not all on the current market will be.


Is it compatible with your shipping carrier or online selling platform if you have them? If you’re growing your business, look for a label printer that is compatible with a wider variety so that you can switch in the future without worrying about your label printer still being able to do the job.


If you are printing barcodes with your shipping labels you will need a good resolution. We suggest around 300dpi.


This is highly dependant on your demands and current output. If you’re shipping multiple orders a day or you’re seeing a steady increase in sales, you’ll want to pick a label printer with a bit more speed to make sure you stay on top of things and keep the process as efficient as possible. If you’ve got a couple people helping you out or your eBay business is still on the small side, you may not need a super-speedy printer right now.

Our recommended label printers

Brother QL-810W Direct Thermal Label Printer For Ebay

Brother QL-810W Direct Thermal Black / Red Label Printer – £67.00 ex VAT

  • USB & Wireless
  • 110 labels Per Minute
  • 300 x 300 dpi
  • Windows 10 Compatible
  • Print black and red text without ink
  • Traditional pre-sized labels or continuous rolls
  • Mobile printing

Dymo LabelWriter 4XL Thermal Label Printer For Ebay

Dymo LabelWriter 4XL Thermal Label Printer – £180.35 ex VAT

  • USB
  • 300 dpi
  • Up to 53 labels Per Minute
  • Windows 10 Compatible
  • Compatible with a range of shipping carriers and online platforms
  • Wide format for a range of label sizes
  • Compact footprint

Brother QL-1100 Desktop Label Printer For Ebay

Brother QL-1100 Desktop Label Printer – £160.21 ex VAT

  • USB
  • Full Cutter / Guillotine Type Cutter
  • 69 Standard Address Labels per minute or 110mm per second
  • 300 x 300 dpi
  • Windows 10 Compatible
  • P-touch Editor software for label designing
  • Store up to 99 label templates

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