Full colour label printing with the Brother VC-500W Label Printer

Full colour label printing with the Brother VC-500W Label Printer

As experts on things that print we know how useful a dedicated label printer can be, whether you’re a fully fledged eBay seller or just like to keep things organised at home. Unsurprisingly, we were pretty excited when we got our hands on the latest label printer from Brother. The pioneering Brother VC-500W Zink Full Colour Label Printer is the first of its kind on the market, making it one of the most versatile and powerful label printers around.

What makes the VC-500W so great?

Pioneering may be a strong word, but we don’t use it lightly. What makes the Brother VC-500W stand out is the new ZINK® Zero-Ink® Printing Technology. Like it says in the name, this technology uses only heat and special ZINK® paper to produce professional quality full colour images. If you like the science stuff, here’s how it works, otherwise skip ahead to the creative stuff.

The Brother VC-500W Label Printer uses innovative ZINK technology

(Warning: Science stuff ahead)

The special ZINK® paper is made up of several layers including a pressure sensitive adhesive backing (that’s the sticky label bit), an overcoat and all the colour layers in-between. These heat sensitive colour layers contain colourless crystals of amorphochromic dyes in cyan, magenta and yellow. After these colourless crystals melt, microcrystals form and solidify in their respective colours. Each colour layer is therefore arranged according to their sensitivity to heat.

  • Yellow is at the top as it is sensitive to short heat pulses of high temperature.
  • Magenta is in the middle as it is sensitive to longer pulses of moderate temperature.
  • Cyan is the bottom layer as it is sensitivite to long pulses of lower temperature.

ZINK technology involves heating colourless crystals until they melt into special microcystals and resolidify in colour

Thin interlayers between each of the colour layers act as heat insulation to help moderate the temperature further.

Simply put? This special heat sensitive paper along with the ZINK® heating technology produces vibrant, high quality full colour prints without a drop of ink. That means all you need stock up on is the cassette rolls of labels, just like you would any other label printer.

And there’s more

While this innovative technology may be the heart and soul of the Brother VC-500W, it’s not all it has to offer. As well as printing everything from photos to colourful labels and signage, Brother give you even more versatility with these extras.

With the Brother VC-500W full colour label printer you can print a huge range of crafts

Get creative

Unleash your creativity with the Brother Color Label Editor app or the free P-touch Editor label design software. The label editor app lets you create labels from your smartphone or tablet and then print wirelessly. Both the Colour Label Editor and P-touch Editor give you access to hundreds of fonts, clipart, frames, backgrounds, filters and icons.

You can also choose from a wide range of label widths from 9mm to 50mm with each label roll measuring 5 metres in length despite their compact size. Combine with your photos for unlimited possibilities.

Get connected

Connect with your computer or smart device with compatibility to create and print labels using PC, Mac, iOS and Android via USB or Wi-Fi. That gives you complete flexibility to create and print with your favourite device seamlessly for fast and effortless full colour crafts or business needs. This includes Apple’s AirPrint technology, letting you create and print without the need to download or install drivers.


Using the Brother VC-500W Label Printer

With a powerful full colour label printer, the possibilities really are endless, but here’s how we see the VC-500W full colour label printer being used to its best.

Arts and crafts

Whether you’ve turned your hobby into a fully-fledged business or you’re just very serious about your crafts, the Brother ZINK® full colour label printer offers the versatility and flexibility you need both at home and at work. Create and print wirelessly from anywhere in the house to suit your lifestyle and finish projects quicker than ever before. We think it’s perfect for:

  • Bullet journals
  • Wedding and party invitations
  • Greetings cards
  • Scrapbooks
  • Photos and home décor

You can even print home decor projects with the Brother VC-500W compact photo printer

Office and business

While arts and crafts are a great way to show off the quality full colour finish this label printer produces, the versatility of this powerful machine makes it just as at home in the office. Extra long label cassettes and a range of widths makes it perfect for printing a wide range of signage and file labels. The advanced full colour technology offers the ability to add company logos and imagery in keeping with the brand. We think it’s perfect for:

  • Warning signs
  • Name tags
  • Colour coded filing
  • Public notices

Want to know more? Contact one of our team today to find out how the Brother VC-500W could help you take your labelling game to the next level.

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