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Fed up with spending hours formatting your labels and feeding blank sheets of labels into your printer to find that it doesn’t line up and the labels are useless? If you want to get more organised but don’t want the hassle of printing on sheets of labels, we have got the perfect label printer for you.

Great for labelling pots in the garden ready for planting in the summer as well as organising folders in the office, once you have a label printer you’ll never understand how you coped without. There are dozens of different machines available as well as hundreds of different label types to choose from including clear, florescent, coloured and waterproof.

Put a label on it

Everyone knows one of them. The people who unplug your computer instead of their phone charger, or the ones who file the document you need in a random, un-named folder. If you are in need of instant organisation but don’t know where to start, take a look at range of Brother labelling machines for the home and workplace.

Offering premium features and benefits ideal for the home or small office environment, Brother’s label printers are a far cry from machines of the past that used to get jammed and confused when you changed tapes. Benefit from:

  • High-speed printing and cutting – lighting fast print speeds with a professional auto-cutting mechanism
  • Computer connectivity – Create your own bespoke, high-resolution designs using the complimentary PT Editor Software
  • Built-in memory – Store label design for future use
  • Improved error messaging – LCD screen highlights errors and reveals solution
  • Office friendly design – Large keyboards and colour seeker profile makes label creation simple
  • Actual preview – Preview labels on screen to avoid missprinting
  • Tape detection technology – Auto detect what size tape is being used, cutting label creation time.

Best home label printers

home label printers

Organise your larder, the kid’s toys and more with fantastic home label printers from Brother. Quick and easy to use, these simple machines will help you to get organised. Small and compact, this desktop label printer connects to your PC enabling you to design and print your labels with ease.

Brother QL570

Suitable for use with a wide range of Brother DK tapes and labels, the QL570 can be used for printing address labels, easy peel adhesive labels, CD/DVD, round and square labels.

  • Print multiple die-cut labels and signs via your PC
  • Up to 110mm per second print speed
  • Up to 59mm print height / 62mm print width (DK labels)
  • Easy to install label rolls
  • Built-in automatic tape cutter
  • Personalise your labels with easy-to-use P-touch Editor label software

Best office label printers

office label printers

P-Touch D450VP

From labelling workplace assets and equipment to filing and name badges, the PT-D450VP lets you quickly produce durable, high quality labels in no time. Featuring its own QWERTY keyword and a backlit display, it makes designing your labels a breeze.

  • High resolution backlit display so you can easily preview before printing
  • PC-style QWERTY keyboard for quick and accurate typing
  • One touch function keys help you get the job done faster
  • Built-in templates and barcode printing for stand-alone use
  • PC connectable so it’s simple to create your own designs
  • Prints highly durable, laminated labels up to 18mm wide for asset management, shelving and storage

P-Touch D600VP

Compact and sleek, this PT-D600VP is ideal for the office workstation. Compatible with labels up to 24mm wide, it has fastest in class print speed, a colour display and auto tape detection to make printing a wide range of label quick and easy.

  • Prints up to 30mm per second
  • Holds up to 99 user-created label designs
  • Full-colour screen
  • Tape colour detection technology
  • One-touch key input
  • Print up to 7 lines of text on highly durable, laminated labels

Best printers for small businesses

electrical label printers

Brother PTE100VP

The PTE100VP electrical label printer is a fast and efficient label printer ideal for any tradesmen. Printing up to 12mm wide durable labels, the PTE100VP includes 168 built-in symbols, 37 electrician/installer specific designs and its very own tough carry case.

  • Prints hard-wearing labels up to 12mm wide
  • Up to 20mm per second print speed + 2 lines of print
  • Time and date printing function, 168 electrical and audio/visual specific symbols
  • Convenient manual cutter
  • Handy carry case and mains adaptor included
  • Easy to use ABC keyboard
  • Perfect for printing durable labels where safety is paramount
  • Easy to read 16 character, 1 line LCD screen
  • Designed for professionals using electrical and A/V symbols
  • Up to 9mm large print size
  • Practical non-slip rubber hand grip

Brother PT-9700PC

If you want to be able to print high quality labels quickly, the PT-9700PC is the labelling machine for you. Versatile and robust, it enables you to print everything from barcodes and serial numbers to industry symbols and warning labels. Compatible with high grade tapes up to 36mm wide, you can create up to 100 labels at a time.

  • PC Connectable only
  • Prints up to 36mm wide tapes
  • Up to 80mm/sec (HG tape) and 20mm/sec (TZe tape)
  • Up to 360dpi print resolution
  • Up to 27mm print height
  • Built-in automatic tape cutter

For our full range of label printing machines visit our dedicated section. 

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