Is your company printing the right letterhead?


Your letterhead will say more about your business than you may think. When printing out documents to send to clients and suppliers you are essentially flying your corporate flag, the letterhead and logo are the official image of your company and a customers’ first insight into your business. If you get the important factors wrong you could end up looking unprofessional or worse, like a rogue trader.

Here are some tips to make sure your letterhead always says what it needs to and looks as professional as possible before you print;

Legal requirements

Whether you use your letterheads to advertise your business or correspond with clients, there are certain features you have to include to meet legal requirements depending on how you operate your company. 

Sole traders:

  • Full company trading name and address.
  • You must include your personal name if it is different from your company’s trading name.


  • Full company trading name.
  •  The names of all partners, or a place where this list is available if there are many.
  • The address of the main office for correspondence.

Limited Companies:

  •  Include the full company name.
  •  Company registration number and place of registration.
  •  Registered address and the business premises address if these are different.
  •  You don’t have to list the Directors, but you must include either the names of all directors or none, not a partial list.

VAT Registered companies, regardless of structure:

  • Your VAT registration Number.
  •  VAT Registered office address.


Your style of letterhead is essentially up to you as long as all the information is available, but here are a few tips on how to follow convention;

  • The company logo, tagline, website address and contact phone number should be the most visible.
  • VAT and company registration numbers and trading addresses along with other legal requirements are often printed at the bottom of the page in a footer. These can be in columns or in the bottom left or right corners.
  • Your letterhead should match your web site and other business stationery to create a consistent brand image.


Using our top of the range inkjet or laserjet printers you can print your new letterhead on your home computer or at the office depending how much you need and what your company’s overall printing habits are like. When you are happy with your letterhead and company logo why not consider having other forms of stationery printed by a professional printer as a little extra to give to clients. 

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