HP Envy Printers Review

Author: Paul Wilkinson

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With so many different ranges of printers out there, from the HP Envy series to the Canon PIXMA range, it can be hard to figure out which one is the right fit for you. All manufacturers want to highlight the same features we all seem to look out for to some degree; fast print speeds, versatile printing capabilities and high-quality prints. But if supposedly all printers meet these demands, how do you decide which is the right choice?

The fact is all printers cater to different needs, and while they may meet all of them to a degree, some will undoubtedly stand out in one or two areas. Still, there are some printers that continue to outshine the others in terms of popularity, winning customer’s hearts and star reviews all round, just like the HP Envy series.

The HP Envy Series

The HP Envy series aims to deliver affordable high-quality photo printing at home. This series is so popular probably because it does hit many of the marks so many of us look out for in a good printer. What makes this series really special, however, is how well it delivers on its key aims.

All the printers in this series are reasonably priced, and all deliver exceptionally high-quality photo prints in a compact design perfect for home use. The ability to deliver on all these fronts makes the Envy series the perfect choice for anyone (read: most people!) looking to up their printer game at home without splashing out on the cash. It doesn’t hurt that these printers include a whole heap of bonus features as well of course.


The HP ENVY 5540 inkjet printer from the popular HP Envy Series
HP ENVY 5540 e-All-In-One A4 Colour Inkjet Multifunction Printer

Why the HP Envy series is so popular

Reliable high-quality prints

Everywhere you look the HP Envy seems to be winning over anyone looking for high-quality prints without breaking the bank. Printers from the series continue to make it on top 10 lists for 2016 and 2017, whether it’s affordable photo printing or simply amazing home printing. With so many printers out there the praise speaks for itself; choosing a printer from the HP Envy range guarantees quality.

If you’re still unsure then let’s take a closer look at some of the features. The entire range offers borderless photo printing for lab quality photos, perfect for capturing those special family moments. The best of the range offers print quality in colour as high as 4800 x 1200dpi. Laser sharp quality means you can print everything from the kid’s homework projects to that all-important work presentation and achieve professional quality printing for any occasion.

Fit, install and use easily at home

The sleek and compact design of the entire HP Envy range makes any of the printers a suitable fit for any home desktop. With an automatic document feeder that disappears these printers can be tucked away to save space without compromising on any of the great quality features. For standard home printing these printers might come up a little larger than average, but more than make up for it in quality and versatility.

One key feature everyone seems to agree on is the simplicity and ease of use of the HP Envy series. With these printers, you can leave behind the usual fuss of installing and using a high-quality photo printer. Quick and easy set up straight from your smartphone, tablet or PC means you’ll be using this printer in no time. The responsive touchscreen control panel is also just as straightforward to use, and you can even edit and print photos straight from the touchscreen. The whole family will enjoy effortless printing and these printers will undoubtedly save you time when you need to set up and print quickly.


The HP Envy 7640 inkjet printer from the amazing HP Envy Series
HP Envy 7640 e-All-In-One A4 Colour Multifunction Thermal Inkjet Printer

All the versatility you need

A busy household means dealing with the unpredictable every day; fortunately, the HP Envy series is more than up to the task. These multifunction printers offer print, scan, copy and fax capabilities for your everyday needs as well as those extraordinary situations.

The Envy series can also handle multipage documents with automatic document feeder as well as an additional paper tray; that means the ability to print two separate sizes without switching paper, ideal for family photo collages and budding photographers.

For bonus flexibility, this printer makes it easier than ever to connect wirelessly as well as the ability to print from your smartphone or tablet. Your family probably doesn’t live their life on one device or in one place, so why should your printer? The HP Envy series easily keeps up with your family’s needs and habits, whether it’s printing quickly from your smartphone or creating amazing family photos on glossy photo paper.

Smaller needs, smaller budgets

Both the print speeds and the paper capacity of these printers are rather modest in comparison to some larger models but are still outstanding for their size and price. The HP Envy series can offer a first page out time in colour A4 as fast as 22 seconds, more than enough for even the busiest of households. What this series misses out on in speed is more than made up for in quality and features.

Of course, the final word always comes down to price, and the Envy series doesn’t disappoint here either. All the printers in the range are modestly priced, accommodating for even the smallest of household budgets while delivering the best possible quality, flexibility and simplicity. You can get the most advanced of the series for less than £150, while the cheapest of the range comes well within the under £50 benchmark.

The HP Envy series isn’t for everyone, and more advanced home offices or business needs will require a definite step up. Equally any budding photographers looking to turn photography into more than just a hobby might want to invest in a more advanced photo printer. For households looking for an inkjet printer with the full package, from amazing high definition family photos to professional looking reports and presentations, the HP Envy series really is unbeatable.

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