New Brother label printers

Label printers are used across all industries for a range of essential everyday tasks, from basic address labels to goods labels and barcodes. For anyone that finds themselves in need of one, it’s immediately clear just how important having the right label printer is.

Label printers may be both necessary as well as helpful. Many business needs, such as barcode printing in food and retail industries, simply wouldn’t be possible without label printers. Additionally, many of these tasks have a direct impact on public health and safety and can have dangerous results if they aren’t done properly. For example, ensuring that potentially harmful ingredients on food labels are highlighted properly or correctly and clearly marking confidential files.

Brother label printers are designed to meet specific label printing needs across a range of industries for label printers that always deliver. The huge selection of label printers to choose from also means whatever your needs, you’ll find the perfect solution with the same Brother quality you can rely on.

Choosing the right label printer

The specialist nature of label printers means it can be difficult to sort through the huge range on offer and find the right solution. The easiest way to find the right label printer for you is to list your essential needs and narrow your search down to label printers that meet those demands. This includes:

  • The type of labels you need – where you’ll be using them and how durable they need to be.
  • The size of the labels needed.
  • The capacity you need – how often you’ll be using your label printer and how fast it needs to be to keep pace with your environment.
  • The resolution needed – smaller barcodes and graphics may need a higher resolution.
  • The connection you need for the label printer to fit into your current environment or network.

Even with your list of needs on hand, it can be difficult to find the right choice for you. Fortunately, Brother takes out a lot of the legwork by understanding the essential needs of each industry and tailoring label printers to suit. Whether you’re looking for a standard office label printer or a more specialised industrial printer, it’s easy to find the printers designed for your industry and then narrow down based on your budget and preferences.

The new Brother label printers

The next generation of label printers from Brother is tailored for professional label printing needs. Both the QL-800 and QL-810W are ideally suited for small to medium sized offices, receptions and post rooms with higher volume or more versatile label demands. The QL-820NWB offers yet another step up with an optional standalone design and additional connectivity options perfect for retail and food industries as well as larger office environments.


Versatile red and black label printing

The latest Brother label printers stand out for their ability to print in both black and red without needing ink or toner. This modern technology makes it easier than ever to print labels covering almost any office need, from highlighting confidential files to printing clear warning labels for facilities management. This includes the ability to create indoor temporary labels for improved organisation, efficiency and health and safety around the office.

For retail and food industries, the latest red and black technology comes in handy for a wide range of needs. Eye catching red can be used on food packaging to highlight use by dates and allergens in ingredients, preventing potentially fatal errors in a food industry environment. Retail industries will also enjoy the ability to highlight in red, making price tags and offers more pronounced to help customers and improved sales.

Office label printing


QL-800 Direct Thermal Black / Red Label Printer – £64.24 (ex. vat)

QL-810W Direct Thermal Black / Red Label Printer – £95.19 (ex. vat)

For professional office label printing, the new QL-800 printers offer superior versatility. Office admin, receptions and mail rooms will all enjoy high-speed printing of up to 110 labels per minute for high-volume address printing.  Adapt to any need in the workplace with the ability to print in both red and black, ideal for highlighting important information such as confidential files and food allergens. Additionally, the use of continuous rolls and cutter can produce labels up to one-metre length. That makes this label printer useful for name badges, filing labels, equipment labels and indoor temporary signage for facilities management.

Any office environment can enjoy these label printers thanks to a simple USB connection and compatibility with PC and MAC. Plus, for collaborative workgroups and more flexibility, the QL-810W offers wireless connectivity as well as iOS and Android print capabilities.

Retail and food industries


QL-820NWB Direct Thermal Black / Red Label Printer – £116.01 (ex. vat)

For label printing in retail, food and postal industries as well as advanced office printing, the AL-820NWB provides unrivalled capabilities. As with others in the new QL-800 series, this label printer offers the superior versatility of red and black printing and the ability with print one-metre labels to meet a range of needs and applications. Enjoy the same high speed, high volume functionality as the others in the series.

Additionally, this printer is the ideal label solution for any busy modern work environment thanks to an even wider range of connectivity options including USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, MFi and AirPrint. This label printer can also be used in standalone mode, using the LCD screen to print pre-designed labels that can be uploaded and stored in the memory. This unique functionality combined with wide range of label design possibilities make this printer ideal for retail and food industries.

Discover our full range of Brother label printers and find a label printing solution for all your industry needs.

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