Six reasons why original inks and toners are the best!

Inks and toners can be expensive, which means it can be tempting to buy compatible products rather than originals. However, for best results, we recommend sticking to the latter. Here’s why…

A common conundrum facing consumers is whether or not to buy original inks and toners to support their printers, or revert to cheaper compatible products instead. It can be tempting to consider the latter, particularly when you’re looking to keep your costs to a minimum. However, buying compatibles can often be more problematic and in some cases can lead to bigger problems further down the line.

As a rule, we advise customers to stick to original products where possible to avoid long-term problems, not to mention poor-quality prints. For example, while non-originals may be cheaper to buy in the short term, you could find yourself spending more time and money dealing with problems and, in worst-case scenarios, replacing your printer altogether.

To highlight the pitfalls of compatible inks and toners, Brother has launched a campaign based on a range of characters they’ve created entitled ‘The Incompatibles’, creations based on the problems caused by compatible products that can cause havoc to your printer.

‘Mr Inconsistent’, for example, is ‘a slippery character’ designed to highlight how quality can contrast when printing in large volumes using compatible products. Even when printing one job, compatible users can experience varying results, as much as four times more variable than original products.

Mr. Inconsistent

‘The Blur ‘moves so fast he smudges, smears and blurs everything he touches’. By using original inks and toners, you can avoid such pitfalls and create clean and crisp prints every time. The last thing you want are the dots and the lines missing from those all-important i’s and t’s.

The Blur

‘The Fader’ and ‘Mucky Pup’ both highlight how some compatible products can cause fading and leakages which can break your printer. Original inks and toners ensure a crisper finish that boasts greater longevity. Put simply, you’re less likely to experience any kind of leakages, particularly those inside the printer that can ultimately lead to costly repairs or the need for product replacement.

Mucky PupThe Fader

Last but by no means least, ‘The Destructor’ is definitely one to avoid! Compatible products use low-quality ink that can lead to blocked nozzles, damaged fuser units and frustrating paper jams. In fact, ‘The Destructor’ is usually responsible for having to buy a new printer altogether. Not such a cost saving now, huh?

The Destructor

To conclude, these incompatibles highlight the associated risks of staring from original inks and toners. Compatibles are cheaper to buy, but quite often this short-term win is replaced by greater issues further down the line.

Brother boast a series of inks and toners designed specifically to produce a consistent and high-quality yield with their own printers. For example, some use advanced colour matching processes and are formulated to limit the risk of smudges and smears. Some even use colour management to ensure prints don’t lose colour over time. Brother even work hard to reduce their carbon footprint by making all of their inks and toners 100% recyclable.

So, when considering whether or not you want to save on inks and toners, consider the long-term consequences compatible products can lead to. You might save some pennies to begin with, but your decision could cost pounds later on. Be warned!

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