South Central Ambulance Charity

Here at Printernet we like to consider ourselves part of the community and are always looking for opportunities to help and support others. This includes getting involved with important charities like the South Central Ambulance Charity, who help fund essential life saving additional services for our ambulance service.

One of our very own is a dedicated Community First Responder (CFR) in Bracknell and helps to give crucial life saving care to local patients until an ambulance arrives. Considered ‘the ambulance down the road’ volunteers like Brian are dispatched by the ambulance service and are usually within an 8 minute drive, so essential and life saving treatment is received as soon as possible.

We’re proud to be a supporter of this amazing charity and look forward to raising even more money and awareness in the future. If you want to know even more about all the services the charity helps to provide in the community, read on below.


About the charity


The South Central Ambulance Charity is a NHS charity that helps to fund and support the South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust. All the money they raise helps to support all the additional services that SCAS provide outside of the core NHS services.

SCAS and The South Central Ambulance Charity serve the counties of Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire and Oxfordshire, helping to save lives in a total population of over four million people.


What they do


Train and equip volunteers

Volunteers in the community are trained and equipped as community first responders (CFR) as well as helping to support vulnerable and frail patients to medical appointments.

Helping the entire community

They help to fund life saving equipment and education to the whole community, including public access defibrillators for schools, leisure centres, shopping centres and other public areas. Community members of all positions and ages can get crucial basic training that could give them the confidence and ability to step up and help in an emergency.

Research and development

Continual research and development helps to ensure that new and innovative emergency care practices are put in place. This includes schemes such as using video link technology to connect care homes with paramedics and doctors.


Get involved


The South Central Ambulance Charity helps fund a whole range of services, from equipment to life saving training around the whole community. If you’d like to support the charity like us you can see their website here for information on how to donate, hold an event or become a volunteer yourself.

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