Superior business printing with Lexmark

The office is probably the toughest environment for any printer. Regular everyday paperwork and weighty business reports can put even the most powerful machines through their paces. Not only does your business need a printer that can handle whatever you throw it at it, it also needs to fit into the busy connectivity demands of today’s modern workplace. On top of that, the type of output most business printers handle on a day to day basis often comes with a hefty price tag attached. It’s safe to say office printing is serious business, so you’re going to need a serious printer to keep up. Fortunately, no one takes business printing more seriously than Lexmark.

Lexmark printers that mean business

There’s no doubt Lexmark take business printing seriously. With innovation at the forefront of everything they do, every year they continue to develop printers that answer the needs of not just businesses collectively, but specific industries too. Whatever your industry or business demands, from versatile paper handling to barcode or form printing, Lexmark has designed a solution tailored to you. Unsurprisingly, they are the first choice of leading businesses across key industries including banking, retail, finance as well as healthcare and pharmaceuticals.

Lexmark business printers offer many of the basic features you'd expect from superior office printers

Why choose Lexmark

It’s the unique features and solutions that you can only find with a Lexmark printer that makes them so popular in offices all over the world, but let’s not forget the basics either.


Undoubtedly one of the key influencers when choosing any business printer, speed is vital to keeping the office running at a bare minimum of productivity. Slow printers mean more time spent in printer queues and less time spent working, and that’s just bad for business. Whatever your output, Lexmark offer printers with appropriately speedy print times up to 57 pages per minute.


All the latest Lexmark models feature an intuitive touch screen for easy management of print jobs and custom settings. By streamlining the print management process, Lexmark give you more time to spend on the things that matter to your business.


If you haven’t given much thought to your printer memory before, maybe you should. For true efficiency, your print needs to be able to store regular documents and forms to reprint as well as handle multiple incoming print jobs at a time, and for that, you need more memory. Lexmark printers offer much more memory than other comparable business printers with more than enough to meet the demands of each printer’s recommended monthly page output.

Double-sided printing and paper capacity

As you’d expect from a decent office printer, Lexmark offer automatic double-sided printing for double the efficiency and large paper capacities for busy offices. For higher volume demands, kit out your printer with their additional paper sheet trays.

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Lexmark software solutions

What really sets Lexmark apart is their innovative software solutions that their latest printers come equipped with. These solutions have been designed to take your efficiencies to the next level with better work productivity and unbeatable cost savings.

A solutions-enabled device comes equipped with the basic Lexmark solutions and can be customised with additional ones to suit your industry or specific business needs. This means you can streamline all your paper-based workflows without the costs and support involved with other server-based solutions. Everything you need to set up and manage everyday print jobs is in one place and ready to save you time, money and even reduce your environmental paper impact.

With all solutions-enabled Lexmark single function printers, you’ll find eco settings to control energy, toner, paper and sound with one touch to help save money, reduce your environmental impact and position yourself as an eco-conscious business. You can also personalise the look of your printer with a custom background and choose from 18 languages to meet all your international business needs.

Plus, with solutions-enabled multifunction printers (MFP) you’ll get all this and more:

  • Forms to store frequently accessed documents online and print from the screen.
  • Scan documents to a network folder for archiving.
  • Copy both sides of a card to one sheet of paper.
  • Create shortcuts for commonly accessed functions.
  • Scan once and send to multiple destinations.

Get cost efficiencies with Lexmark printers designed to reduce business print costs

Total cost of ownership (TCO)

For businesses, sometimes cost efficiency is just as important as work efficiency. Fortunately, Lexmark has that covered too with some of the lowest total cost of ownership for business printers. This starts with their high-quality robust designs that stand the test of time even with high volume office printing. This means less time and money spent on maintenance, replacement parts and even new printers.

You can also get even more cost savings with Lexmark high yield inks and supplies, designed to reduce your cost per page and minimise storage space and intervention. Plus, with Lexmark’s special sleep and hibernate modes in addition to their instant warm-up-fuser, you can even cut down on energy costs. Lexmark printers can give you significant cost savings that are realised long into the future.

Want to know more about Lexmark TCO? Contact one of our team today to see who these printers could save you money long term.

Lexmark Cartridge Collection Programme (LCCP)

Lexmark didn’t just stop at superior business printers. They’ve taken it a step further with their cartridge collection programme, an effortless way for businesses to reduce their environmental impact with minimal effect on current business operations. Because of their extensive collection network and the success of their cartridge programme, Lexmark are now considered industry leaders in this area and continue to make the most significant advancements in cartridge recycling. The program is simple and caters to all business sizes and cartridge consumption.

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Small businesses

Smaller businesses using fewer than 10 cartridges a year can print off a free returns label, stick to the cartridge and drop to the most convenient post office.

Medium sized businesses

Similarly, medium size businesses using up to 40 cartridges a year can order the Lexmark ecobox for free online. With a delivery time of just five days, the box can handle multiple cartridges to be posted at a convenient time.

Large organisations

Lexmark has made it easy for even large businesses to do their part with their complete collection service. Using the LCCP app, organisations can order either the normal sized container or large pallet depending on their consumption. Lexmark delivers your container straight to your door, and you simply fill up and scan the QR code with the app when it’s ready to be collected.

The perfect Lexmark printer

With so many options for tailoring the perfect printer to deliver productivity and efficiencies that matter most to your business, it can tough to decide on the right one for you. If you want to know more about how Lexmark can meet your specific business needs, or want to know more about any of the features discussed, call one of our team today.

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