The advantages of colour printing

We all need a bit of colour in our lives and our use of printers should be no different. As colour printers become more affordable, more and more customers are choosing to utilise the benefits they offer over their mono counterparts, and Printernet has a wide selection for you to choose from.

Ever since the evolution of the colour printer, the full colour v mono conundrum has foxed printer buyers. Traditionally, colour models have been bigger, slower, more expensive to buy (simply because they use four-colour cartridges) and subsequently operate, but times are changing.

As you’ll find when you browse our large range of both inkjet and laser options (75 in total), you’ll find that many colour printers are increasingly smaller, faster and cheaper.

They offer greater variety when it comes to printing options (in terms of quality, speed and size) and as the technology continues to evolve, the prices continue to tumble.


Also, let’s not forget that colour output looks more vibrant than black and white. It has greater impact and looks more professional, particularly when printing work documents or family photographs. Many models enable you to print, scan, copy and fax from one device, or create larger A3 prints perfect for business promotional use. And if you need to preserve your colour cartridges, or you simply need something printed in black or white, you can switch to ‘mono’ mode. A colour printer boasts the advantage of being two printers in one, should you require both colour and mono functionality.

Take our December Special range of laser printers, for example. Print speeds are fast, as much as 22 pages per minute, which means they’re perfect for small business (and an end to long queues at the printers). Many boast great connectivity, including direct connection to mobile devices and the Cloud, which means you can print anywhere, any time and without using cables and wires. Some even enable you to scan and print from all cloud services as standard. And to help you save even more money you can print on both sides for efficient and cost-effective printing.

Furthermore, they look good too. Some come with easy-to-use LCD screens or electrostatic keys which only illuminate when needed.


So, whether you need to print from home or office, consider the wide range of benefits colour printers can offer. And don’t forget, our easy-to-use search tool makes it easier to find the product to suit your needs. And if you still need help, our experts are only a phone call away!

Inject some colour into your documents today!


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