The benefits of A3 printers

New year new printer? If the answer’s yes, the chances are you’re considering an A4 model. However, sometimes the best things don’t always come in small packages…

Here at Printernet, we’re willing to guess that most customers don’t consider an A3 printer when shopping for home use. They’re too big, right? Perhaps, but it’s a common misconception that A3 printers are only applicable for business use. Far from it, they can boast a number of advantages you simply don’t get with A4 models, which is why we’re here to help you identify and utilize the benefits.

A3 or not A3? That is the question…

When it comes to A3 printers, size isn’t everything. Yes, they can be bigger than A4 models and yes, they can produce bigger prints, but that’s not all they offer.

Many A3 printers are faster and have more powerful ‘engines’. This means they can speed through your A4 prints quicker than your average A4 printer (with the added bonus of being able to print larger documents, too, of course). Cartridges last longer, too. Because of their ability to print larger documents, A3 printers use toners with greater capacities. This means they need replacing less often and therefore not only reduce downtime, they’re cheaper to maintain (though beware those that need a set of 6-8 cartridges at a time). Furthermore, they can handle more work because they are designed to deal with heavier duty cycles.


Some photo-specialist models of A3 printers are designed predominantly for photo printing. So, if you’re looking to create large image prints for home use, or perhaps larger documents for more professional use, then an A3 printer could be just your winning ticket. What’s more, like A4 printers, you can find all kinds of variations. All-in-ones – featuring scan, copy and fax – can cost under £100.

As ever, Printernet has a range of models to choose from and we can help you find the right product to suit not just all needs and budgets, but your specific requirements, too.

Big printing, small prices

Prices start from just £77.45. The Brother MFCJ5910DW, for example, represents particularly good value thanks to a January special saving of more than £60. An all-in-one with wireless capabilities and a high printing speed, you can print, scan, copy and fax and enjoy excellent print quality.


You can find more expensive models better suited for more professional use which come with cashback offers and warranties that represent excellent value.

So, good news; you have more options than you think when it comes to finding a new printer. The better news is we’ll help you find what you need, and help you navigate the range of A3 printers on offer. And with greater print speeds, more power and the ability to last longer, an A3 model could be the solution you’re looking for. Sometimes the best choice isn’t the most obvious…


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