The benefits of managed print services

The benefits of managed print services

Managed print services have been around for a while but with the advent of cloud technologies and innovation in general, today’s managed print services are better than ever. The benefits of managed print services like Brothers leading solution include reduced costs, improved security and complete ease of use.

What is a managed print service

If your business has been around for a while you’ve probably heard of managed print services or MPS, but many new and expanding businesses might not be aware of what this service entails.

A managed print service pretty much does what it says on the tin. Providers like Brother manage all your business print devices including printers, scanners, faxes and copiers. This management encompasses your whole fleet from start to finish, from recommending and setting up your devices to updating software, training you and your staff to get the best out of your machines, monitoring usage, ongoing maintenance and much more.

The benefits of managed print

That’s the simple explanation of managed print. The best way to really understand MPS is to look at the benefits to your business. Make sure you look at a leading managed print solution like Brother’s MPS to ensure you get all these benefits.

Improved efficiency

Efficiency is one of the biggest challenges to businesses today and everyone knows how precious time is in the workplace. While many look to more obvious business operations for opportunities to improve efficiency, often the biggest time wasters are the everyday ones. All the annoying print problems you get at home are ten-fold in the office, and all that wasted time can add up to be extremely costly.

MPS is more efficient for businesses thanks to regular reports

Managed print services help to solve virtually all the everyday time wasters caused by your printers. Providers recommend the best machines from the outset based on your individual business and even department needs, so no more time wasted trying to make your printer do something it simply can’t.

They’ll also recommend new hardware and remind you when it’s time to upgrade so you’re not stuck with old and slow machines. Plus, you’ll get experts to come and set-up your software for you, so your machines are running smoothly from day one.

With an MPS all your devices are linked up on a cloud-based monitoring system, so your provider can keep an eye on your usage and automatically send out replacement ink when you’re running low or make suggestions based on your consumption.

If a machine is down or reports a software error, ongoing maintenance handles the problem as quickly as possible. With instant easy-to-read reports, you can also keep an eye on your own usage to make vital decisions to help you print more efficiently.

Reduced costs

Tackling efficiency is great for reducing long-term hidden costs, but what about the more obvious and direct cost of your printers? Coming up with the cash needed to buy a whole fleet of new hardware is daunting for any business. New businesses may not have the money at all while established ones may want to keep a close eye on their cash flow. This is even more problematic with the prospect of updating hardware every few years.

Managed print can help businesses overcome this initial expenditure with a wide range of print options to help cover the costs. Typically, this includes pay-per-page print models with leased hardware to make payments more manageable. With real-time dashboards and handy reports on usage as well as forecasting tools, it’s also much easier to manage budgets.

Reduce costs with managed print services

Maintaining a fleet of individual machines is also extremely costly and stock-piling unused ink or toner can be just as bad as running out unexpectedly.

For ongoing needs, MPS provides just-in-time delivery of replacement inks and even repairs based on your immediate needs as well as your long-term and ongoing usage. As well as reducing wasted costs, you MPS can save you money by making better use of economies of scale. Again, based on your usage you and your provider can work together to decide on the right amount of supplies to buy in bulk at the best discounts, so you’ll never have too much or too little.

When it comes to machines themselves, regular print audits can also look at other ways to save you money. For example, by consolidating your hardware and placing machines together to make better use of your office space and even save electricity.

Improved productivity

Improve the productivity of your entire business by meeting the needs of individual departments. Managed print can take a close look at specific printing requirements, from quality full-colour prints in the design department to speedy mono printing in accounts. Hardware and software can then be recommended that best meets these needs for more productive printing. This could include anything from mobile and off-site printing to paper size and document types including letters, cards and much more.

You’ll also get notified and suggested new hardware and software upgrades as soon as they’re released to make sure you have access to the latest and best technology. Depending on your MPS you could also get training for all your staff on the new features and functionality to make sure every department is making the most of their printer.

Improved productivity with managed print services

Go green

With an ongoing monitoring system, your managed print solution can help you reduce your environmental footprint, something which is increasingly important to businesses. Understand where your biggest waste lies and make decisions to help you reduce paper, electricity and consumables. With regular reports, you can track your success and even publish the results as part of your corporate social responsibility, often a focus for many customers today.

Be agile

While you may be an expert in your industry, chances are you and your staff aren’t printer experts. Perhaps the most understated but vital benefit to MPS is the access to seasoned specialists. These printer experts are on hand to help you with everything from choosing your next upgrade to using your current software to its full potential. Business printers can be notoriously complex but with expert help, you can save time as well as make sure you’re using the latest technology and strategies.

Managed print services are much more secure

Stay secure

Today security for businesses is more important than ever. Big brands now regularly feature in headlines along with the word hackers, and data protection has taken a very serious turn for all. While the latest business printers can often include features and software to help combat potential printer security risks, setting them up properly and making sure you’re using the latest and best is a huge challenge.

Your managed print provider can work with you to identify the current print and IP security risks that your business faces to come up with a completely tailored solution designed to combat these issues. This could include printer sign-in procedures to minimise stolen documents, special waste disposal and document management facilities. For businesses that need security to take a front seat, MPS can install multifunctional printers with automated hard drive wiping functionality and added protection against hackers.

Want to know more?

If you want to know more about managed print services or the superior solution offered by Brother for both SME’s and larger enterprises, contact one of our team today. We can also help you choose your next business printer, whether you’re looking for an affordable home office device or a whole fleet of specialised business printers.

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