The future is here…3D printers now at Printernet!

Think of 3D technology and printing probably isn’t the first thing that springs to mind. However, the trailblazing technology is very much upon us… and Printernet can help you utilise it.

Chances are, you’ve heard about 3D printing. It seems to be everywhere, with these new advancements in technology apparently revolutionising the way we create things. Yet for many customers, it’s not entirely clear what 3D printing is or what the equipment actually does.

3D printing sounds like something from the future but believe it or not the technology was actually launched in the 80’s. However, it’s not until now that we’re finally seeing effective, affordable and easy-to-use products for everyday use.

Put simply, 3D printing is the process of making a three-dimensional solid object of virtually any shape from a digital model. Printernet are keeping pace with this new technology and we’re not only stocking 3D printers, we’re developing our expertise to help you understand the capabilities of this modern technology and how it can help you in the workplace or at home.


We’re actually one of the first retailers to be able to offer 3D printers, and when you add that to our usual free next-day delivery, you could be printing in no time! And to really to explain how it works, the 3D Systems Cube and 3D Systems CubeX, two products we sell, highlight the process perfectly.

The Cube is ultra portable, which means you can simply plug and play whether you’re at home or in the office. It comes in five colours (so perfect for creating things with kids) and can print up to 25 creations to a print square size of 5.5” cube. It includes easy-to-load software and an even easier load cartridge (hence why it’s called ‘EZ’!) that simply snaps in and prints straight away. No leads – just hook up to your wi-fi and create to your heart’s content. It doesn’t require any training and it’s ideal for designers, small business and kids alike. It’s also Windows and Mac compatible. And, priced under £1000, it’s also pretty affordable.

The 3D systems CubeX is more advanced in that you can print items as big as a basketball. It uses clever plastic jet printing technology – with three jets – to produce multi-colour and recyclable multi-material-prints. Again using an easy-to-load cartridge, you can print in up to three different colours to create fun, multicoloured prints with a single click. It basically means you can experience at-home 3D printing coupled with professional quality and an easy touchscreen interface. You can even print from a USB key!

As well as printing, you can also scan. We stock the 3D Systems Sense Scanner, which enables you to scan any item and upload a 3D image of it to your computer or tablet. So, whether it’s a holiday snap, a graduation pic or wedding day memory, you can saviour it in 3D. Pretty cool, huh?


3D printing is now developing at such a rate that people have created rooms, fingernails and even virtual flowers! It might be a while before we’re all doing the same, but for now the products we offer enable you to experience this game-changing technology simply and affordably. Of course, being able to actually create your own products on the move is an awesome way to entertain your family or stay ahead in business.

This technology is likely to evolve and, as ever, we’ll help you keep pace with the latest technology offerings by identifying and offering the best and most affordable products to suit your needs. To start you off, we’re offering buy one get one free on 3D printer cartridges when you buy any 3D printer, so there’s no better time to get started!

Head to our website now and find out how you can enjoy the world of 3D.



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