What is a Cricut Machine & which one is best?

what is the best cricut machines

At Cricut their mission is to inspire you to create; at the heart of it all is their Cricut machines. Their fantastic range of smart cutting machines allows you to design and make amazing personalised things, from simple stickers to handmade cards, to personalising your own t-shirts and even creating large wall decals. Cricut can cut hundreds of materials as well as write and draw, taking your next crafting project to the next level.

How do the Cricut machines work?

The Cricut smart cutting machines work using software called design space, compatible with most mobile devices, laptops and desktop computers. Operating in the cloud, design space means that you can manage your designs on the go and at home.

You have the option to search through their image library or create a design from scratch. Once your design is complete, the software sends your design to the machines to be cut or drawn. 

Which Cricut machine is best?

There are three different Cricut machines to choose from, with each designed for a different purpose and different kinds of makers.

Cricut Joy

The Cricut Joy is the smallest cutting machine in the range. Simple and compact, its the perfect cutting machine for quick, everyday projects such as cards, labels and vinyl stickers. Small but mighty, the Joy cutting machine is compatible with their Smart Materials which means you can cut vinyl and iron-on vinyl without a mat on lengths up to 20 feet.

Its small size makes the Cricut Joy perfect for taking with you wherever you want to create. Ideal for those who simply do not have room for a large cutting machine, the Cricut Joy has only one cutter inside the housing featuring a pen and blade. To switch between the pen and blade simply unclamp the blade, remove it and drop in your pen. Remove the pen and switch back to the blade to close up the machine.

Compatible with over 50 lightweight materials, the Cricut Joy has the ability to cut with and without a mat. To cut out your designs, simply stick your vinyl to the matt or, use Cricut’s Smart Materials to eliminate the need for a cutting mat. The machine comes with a 6-inch cutting mat ideal for your smaller projects or, buy additional 4 by 12-inch mats, in two different grips as well as insert card kits.

Cricut Explore Air 2

One of the most popular machines, the Cricut Explore Air 2 writes, cuts and scores. Compatible with over 100 different materials, you can work with glittery paper, polished foils and even bonded fabric.

Eliminating the need for cutting by hand, the Cricut Explore Air 2 cuts at much larger formats than the Joy. Compatible with 12 by 12-inch or 12 by 24-inch mats, the Explore Air 2 has 3 different cutting tools:

  • Fine Point Blade – perfect for thin to medium weight materials such as paper, card and vinyl
  • Bonded Fabric Blade – great for intricate cuts on bonded fabrics or fabrics with an iron-on backer
  • Deep Point Blade – ideal for thicker materials such as magnet, thick card, felt and foam sheets. 

Unlike the Joy, the Explore Air 2 has two clamps within the housing; clamp B for cutting blades and clamp A for scorers and pens. Link the Cricut Explore Air 2 with your home printer to benefit from print-and-cut on white paper and cardstock.

Cricut Maker

The ultimate smart cutting machine, the Cricut Maker offers pro-level DIY performance and versatility. Featuring an adaptive tool system that will grow with you as you work on making different things, the Cricut Maker has over 12 different tools that allow you to do things such as engrave, score, deboss and cut materials such as wood and fabric.

Cutting up to 300 materials, the Cricut Maker is perfect for cutting everything from delicate paper up to tough fabrics and leather. Featuring their adaptive tool system, the Cricut Maker has a number of different additional blades to take your projects to the next level:

  • Rotary Blade – cut through unbacked fabric and delicate crepe papers
  • Knife Blade – cut through thick materials like leather, chipboard and balsa wood
  • Scoring Wheel – a single and double wheel that can create crisp fold lines in thick materials 
  • Wavy Wheel – cut through a range of materials and thickness
  • Debossing Tip – emboss your favourite designs 
  • Perforation Blade – cut perforation lines into a range of materials
  • Engraving Tool – engrave in thick materials like chipboard and balsa wood.

Link the Cricut Maker with your home printer to benefit from print-and-cut on white and coloured paper and cardstock.

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image credit: https://cricut.com/en_us/machines.html 

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