What is the best label printer?

label printers

Whether you want to create labels for office files and folders or garden pots and electrical cables, the humble little label printer can help you to complete a wealth of different tasks. There are dozens of different brands and models for you to choose from, so how do you choose the best one?

How to choose the best label printer

Whilst all label printers of course produce quality custom labels, there are hundreds of different label types to choose from, depending on the machine you buy.

Before we get to our top recommendations, we want to cover the basic questions you should ask yourself before you make a purchase.

1. How many labels do you want to print?

If you are only going to print a few labels a day, there are a range of entry level desktop label printers that enable you to easily print your designs. The functionality of label printers vary from model to model, so if you want to be able to print 100 address labels with the click of your mouse you’re going to want to look out for a fast print speed.

2. Label size

There are countless types and sizes of labels that label printers can produce. Most machines can print almost any length of label; some up to 1m, however there are limitations on width.

As a general rule of thumb, handheld label printers produce thin, tape like labels. Larger desktop printers are capable of printing much wider labels and as such, are ideal for office uses and address labels.

3. What do you need to print?

It is important to consider what you want to print on your labels. As with generic ink and laserjet printers, label printers have varying print resolutions and capabilities. If you’re just producing address labels and the odd one for folders and files, print resolution might not be as important as label size. If you want to print barcodes and small technical labels with icons and text, you’ll want a device with a high resolution to ensure labels are readable even when small.

4. Do you want to print colour or mono labels?

Colour label printers are exceptionally expensive however; most mono/thermal label printers offer a wide range of different colour tapes for you to print on. Take for example Brother’s PTE100VP handheld printer. There are over 50 different type labels to choose from including clear laminated labels with blue text, red labels with white text and black labels with gold text – the possibilities are endless.

Best label printers from Printernet

Best office label machine – PT-D600VP

PT-D600VP Office Label Printer

Compact and sleek, the new PT-D600VP is perfect for the organisation of workspaces, clear identification of equipment, assets and filing; it can also easily produce basic instructional and warning notices.

  • Prints up to 30mm per second
  • Holds up to 99 user-created label designs
  • Full-colour screen
  • Tape colour detection technology
  • One-touch key input
  • Print up to 7 lines of text on highly durable, laminated labels

Best home-use label printer – QL-710W

QL710W Wireless Desktop Label Pritner

Offering wireless label printing, the QL-710W desktop label printer produces consistently great-looking results whenever and wherever you need. Print everything from CD labels and address labels or anything in between.

  • Print die-cut labels and signage via PC
  • Wireless network ready + print from your Android or Apple mobile device with the free iPrint&Label app
  • Up to 62mm print width (DK labels) and 59mm print height
  • Prints up to 93 standard address labels per min / 150mm per second
  • Up to 300dpi print resolution
  • Built-in automatic tape cutter

Best industrial label printer – PT-9700PC

PT9700PC Industrial Label Printer

If you want high quality labels in an instant, the PT-9700PC high speed industrial label printing machine is the ideal choice. Offering complete versatility in the workplace, it produces clearly printed labels including barcodes, serial numbers and industry symbols.

  • PC Connectable only
  • Prints up to 36mm wide tapes
  • Up to 80mm/sec (HG tape) and 20mm/sec (TZe tape)
  • Up to 360dpi print resolution
  • Up to 27mm print height
  • Built-in automatic tape cutter

Best specialist label printer – PT-E100VP

PTE100VP Electricians Label Printer

Fast and efficient, the PT-E100VP includes 168 built-in symbols with 37 electrician/installer specific designs. Easy to use with a LCD graphical screen and built-in cutter, this professional label printer is ideal for the electrical specialist.

  • Prints hard-wearing labels up to 12mm wide
  • Up to 20mm per second print speed + 2 lines of print
  • ABC style keyboard + 15 character, 1-line LCD screen
  • Time and date printing function, 168 electrical and audio/visual specific symbols
  • Comes with carry case + requires 6 x AAA batteries
  • Perfect for printing durable labels where safety is paramount
  • Easy to read 16 character, 1 line LCD screen
  • Up to 9mm large print size
  • Practical non-slip rubber hand grip

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