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Fax Machines

Buy fax machines with a variety of features and technology to help you and your business grow. Delivering a professional service every time; our fax machines from Brother, Canon and Samsung will help improve productivity and reduce paper use and costs throughout every use. Read more

Not only do our machines allow you to send a clear fax; with an integral handset and ergonomic keypads and function buttons, your new telephone and fax machine will be easy to use for any new or existing colleagues. Improve communications internally or with external clients by storing fax destinations in the dial facility and save up to 100 names for faster, easier fax messaging.

No need to worry about paper and toner replacement, we have fax machines for sale that store messages on internal memory to issue when ready. For added convenience, you can now scan your documents for issue at a later time or date. Buy high speed laser fax printer and copiers for your small or large office; using a robust design and multi-function features these fax machines can fit seamlessly into your operation, completing even complicated tasks quickly and effectively with maximum energy efficiency. 

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7 Item(s)