Laser Printers

Our laser printers are an excellent choice if you want to increase efficiency in your everyday tasks but don’t want to compromise on having high-quality printing results. These laserjet printers are designed to keep long-term printing costs low while increasing productivity. Whether you're at work, work from home or are using your printer for your personal home needs, a laserjet printer can be an investment that saves you money in the long term.

What is a laser printer?
It’s sometimes hard to know what to buy when you start contemplating new technology purchases. A laser printer uses a precision beam to transfer text and images onto paper. However, the laser doesn’t ‘burn’ the images onto the paper, it instead passes the paper through the printer, the laser fires at a cylindrical drum (photoreceptor) and the drum has an electrical charge that is reversed where the laser beam hits it. Reversing the charge means the laser beam can print patterns (such as text and pictures) onto the drum.

Are laser printers more expensive?
Yes, and No, the initial printer is often more expensive but the faster printing and cheaper per page printing cost mean that over time the cost significantly favours the laser printer for cost-effectiveness

Why Invest in a Laserjet Printer?

When it comes to productive printing a laser printer offers many advantages over an inkjet:

Faster Printing Speeds

These digital printers use a unique toner and heated fuse technique for fast print speeds, efficiently printing images in the same amount of time as text.

Sharper Results

With the toner ink sitting on top of the page there is also no smudging with a laserjet printer and they are designed to print crisp and sharp text for high quality documents.


With a choice of both A4 and A3 laser printers as well as powerful all in one laser jets, they can also be surprisingly versatile. Combined with their long-term cost efficiency, laser printers make a perfect fit for both the office and the home. For more information see our laser printer buying guide.

 For more information see our laser printer buying guide.

Laser Office Printers

Speedy print times and superior quality text documents have unsurprisingly made laser printers the star of the office. At Printernet we stock a wide range of A3 and A4 laser printers from trusted brands including Brother, Canon and HP.

You’ll find a huge variety to suit any office size and budget, from affordable and small laser printers to high volume professional ones. We offer a huge range designed to keep your office running as efficiently as possible including productive duplex laser printers and wireless connectivity perfect for the modern office.

Laser Printers for the Home

We also offer a range of affordable and compact laser printers to suit home offices or even as a family printer. With long term cost efficiencies, many households will benefit from savings to be had when running their laserjet printers and restocking on toner cartridges.

For the modern household, most of our latest laserjet printer models come with Windows 10 compatibility and a full range of connectivity options to suit on-the-go printing. This includes AirPrint and Google Print supported laser printers, as well as Ethernet and wireless connectivity.

Deals & Offers

We can help you save money on your next laser printer with amazing deals and exclusive promotions across our entire range. Incredible tech-savvy features are now more affordable than ever so you can even save on amazing mobile connectivity for the modern office.

You can also find laser printers with scanners, copiers and more for complete all in one functionality at a budget-friendly price. Plus, save even more when you spend over £120 with our fast and free next day delivery.